How We Approach a Project; How It Benefits You

SAI Engineering seeks to build and maintain a positive and amicable rapport with project participants which, in turn, improves the problem solving project environment. Because we regard our work as part of an interdependent team, the partnership we establish with owners, contractors, developers and architects is predicated on several important principles:

Early Collaboration

We believe strongly in collaborating as early as possible with architects, contractors and owners--preferably starting from the programming and concept stage. This allows us to interact with clients to assess their unique needs. It also gives us the opportunity to work closely with the architect and contractor to ensure that design and engineering are in concert and work as efficiently as possible. Basically, it is a matter of common sense: when all the members of the team are “on the same page" at the same time, projects will be effectively and efficiently coordinated. We are proud of our formalized communication, information storage and project organization tools that assist our partners in tracking project progress and reduce miscommunication.




Direct Principal Involvement  
A principal of the firm and engineers with experience in the client’s specific project type remain involved on each project. The principal, as project manager, serves as a single point of contact for client and architect and brings a wealth of experience to the project team. Ongoing education and training programs conducted by the principals as well as outside system specialists aid in keeping staff up to date on the latest technical and project delivery information. Our organization's ability to quickly translate learning into action helps set us apart.

 A Top Down - Bottom Up Approach

We are committed to the design team approach so that each member of a team--from principals to designers--gets to know a project thoroughly. This makes it possible for each of us to make intelligent and creative suggestions for developing a more useful and efficient engineering design. Our belief in teamwork extends to our other partners in a project--we are there to work with and in support of the architect, the contractor and owner. It is, of course, in the owner’s best interest that the team work together to identify design and engineering solutions which favorably impact the costs, flexibility and dependability of the building over the long term. Openness and flexibility are qualities we find crucial in the team approach.

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